Meet the Rest of the Ranch

Earl Jack

Earl Jack is a Dromedary camel . He is our biggest camel standing 6 foot 8 inches at the shoulder and is 8 foot at the top of hump. He weighs just over 2,200 lbs. 


Toby is also a dromedary camel, who’s super friendly. He stands 6 foot at the shoulder and weighs about 1,700 lbs. 


Titus is also a Dromedary camel. He is the youngest and the baby of the herd. Titus came to us when he was two weeks old after his mother wouldn’t let him nurse. We bottle raised him for the first year. He is Abu’s Half brother.  


Abu is also a male dromedary camel. He stands 6 foot at the shoulder and is still growing. He weighs about 1,600 lbs.   


Z is a Grants Zebra. He has been part of our family since he was two weeks old and was bottle raised. He enjoys spending time with the camels and goats in the pasture.  

Tour Times

Saturday And sundAys     2:00 PM


Children under 3 enter free with an adult.






14041, HWY 105 East, Cut and Shoot, Texas, 77306